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    On product ideas and technical suggestions

    Customer’s suggestions on product ideas and technical aspects, if by chance, research and development of similar product planning may cause problems such as suspected theft of ideas in the future.
    As for us, it is not a real intention that constraints on daily research and development activities to make better products will occur.
    Therefore, we have declined to accept suggestions on our products or technical aspects from customers. We appreciate your understanding in advance. Thank you very much.

    Handling of personal information









    We will properly handle customer’s information which identify an individual (Company name, Phone number, E-mail address) with carefully and conduct to recognize the protection as social responsibility the following initiatives.

    1.Obey relates the personal information law

    We will obey to handle each personal information and company rules.

    2.Restriction of the purpose of use

    We will use the customer personal information to achieve purpose of use or our business with range of necessary.

    3.Offering the personal information to the third person

    Your personal information will not be disclosed / provided to third parties without your consent, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.

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